Dealer Services

Improving your bottom-line

Helping you create a more successful military-centric enterprise is important to us, and what we do best. Practically speaking, we have first-hand experience selling branded vehicles under the auspices of a Military Sales Program, and for deploying marketing out-reach programs and value added products to further grow your business. Going a critical step further, VDSís proprietary Military Advisory Panel (consisting of members from all service branches) offers VDS advice and recommendations relating to products, services, business activities, and as an advocate for military members. What these elements ultimately mean to you is that you win; from our products, services, core experience, and connection to the military mindset, we are excited for the prospects of partnering together to add to your success.

Sales Training/Incentives

With over $350 million in assets and over 1 million claims paid, Interstate has the financial backing and consumer track record to put your customerís mind at ease. Interstateís USA (and Canada) extended warranty protection plans not only allow your military customer to choose the type of vehicle coverage that best meets his/her needs, but when combined with our convenient monthly payment plan, and 100% money back guarantee, it makes peace of mind an affordable reality.

Previous Customers

Using our proven and data-secure (see our privacy policy) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we can help you reestablish and maintain contact with your previous customers in order to promote your new warranty product offering, while reinforcing your pre-existing relationship such that you can leverage future vehicle sales. Moreover, to promote the benefits of this new program to your previous customers, and save you time, we have formed a specially trained Military Product Team in our operations center to directly assist your customers with product particulars and ultimately with their purchasing decision.

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